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About Us

Party Equipment Hire was born out of frustration with the difficulty of arranging an event.

There were far too many options – it was overwhelming. And knowing what was good and bad from all the technical jargon was impossible.

Also, we hated seeing our friends receive poor service at their weddings and parties. Or worse: get let down altogether.

It needed to change.

We think event planning should be exciting – not stressful. And you should be able to trust your suppliers.

You’ve heard the saying: “buy cheap, buy twice”. While that might be true of products, the trouble with events is you only get one shot. It has to be right the first time.


So, in 2020 we started delivering our first equipment hire packages locally.

The aim was to create a convenient, reliable, and high-quality service to spare people from all these headaches.

Since then, we have helped thousands of customers to celebrate their special occasions, shipping throughout the UK (and beyond on occasion).

Our mission remains the same: to facilitate good times!

Will you join us on the journey?